Flowers is a contemporary restauraunt and cuisine experience set in a relaxed ambience showcasing the best of fine dining culture.

OReilly designed the restaurant around a still life image of flowers by photographer Thom Atkinson. The photograph sits at the back of the gallery space. The organic flowing composition informed the central light chandelier which hangs like tree branching over the central space.

With such a rich palette of colours the walls and floor are refined to a minimal poured concrete and painted wall. The minimal concrete is complimented by the handcrafted Hans J Wegner Elbow chairs. Along the wings of the area sit a row of sofas lit by falling wall pendants. Pairing back the materials allows the colours and textures of the food to dominate and are showcased on handcrafted pine tables lit by minimal pendant strips. The space maximises daylight with a large crittal opening.

Thom Atkinson
Interior Visualisation
Hanging prints
Thom Atkinson ©
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